Help is on the way!

North Carolina came online recently and we are currently providing services in the Charlotte area.

We ???? North Carolina! Blue Moon began providing services in NC in 2018. Our therapists are spread out around the state and we provide counseling from Asheville to Raleigh/Durham areas. 

In-Home Senior Counseling in North Carolina

Blue Moon Senior Counseling Services is a group of Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs) who provide counseling to persons residing in senior living communities and private homes in North Carolina.

Our mobile therapists provide in-home senior counseling in North Carolina with the express intent of helping people feel better about their lives. Blue Moon’s mission is to promote the emotional health and well-being of people through supportive counseling, education & advocacy.

We know people often face challenges they are not prepared to handle. Whether it’s an abrupt move, new medical diagnosis, loss of a loved one or ongoing depression, our LCSW’s are ready to provide support.

NASW North Carolina