With the addition of California to the list of our covered states, Blue Moon has become a “coast to coast” service!

Blue Moon has therapists in San Diego, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Malibu and we are currently moving into Northern California.

In-Home Senior Counseling in California

Blue Moon Senior Counseling Services is a group of Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs) who provide counseling to persons residing in senior living communities and private homes in California.

Our mobile therapists provide in-home senior counseling in California with the express intent of helping people feel better about their lives. Blue Moon’s mission is to promote the emotional health and well-being of people through supportive counseling, education & advocacy.

We know people often face challenges they are not prepared to handle. Whether it’s an abrupt move, new medical diagnosis, loss of a loved one or ongoing depression, our LCSW’s are ready to provide support.

NASW California


Adult Protective Services (APS)


State of California Department of Aging – Home and Community Services


State of California Department of Aging – LTC Ombudsman


State of California Department of Aging – Family Caregiver Services


State of California Department of Aging – Medicare Counseling


State of California Department of Aging – Health Promotion


State of California Department of Aging – Nutrition and Exercise


Due to COVID-19 we are providing counseling via telehealth to existing and new clients. Get the help you need without the exposure risk. LEARN MORE