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    We Love our LCSWs! Blue Moon Senior Counseling offers LCSWs a rewarding and flexible work environment while promoting professional skills, ethics and standards of care.

    Our LCSWs are independent contractors who generally set their own schedules and help to build their own case load. Clients are most often seen in their own homes or within independent or assisted living communities. In order to offer the best service and outcomes, we strongly encourage continuity of care with other physicians, community resources and family members.

    We train our therapists to keep accurate and complete medical records. Our records enable us to render the highest quality counseling services. The records also enable Blue Moon Senior Counseling to review the quality and appropriateness of the services rendered. To ensure and protect privacy, our medical records are kept in an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. Blue Moon Senior Counseling providers are trained how to properly document and navigate the EMR system.

    General requirements that all of our providers must meet in order to work with us

    • Be an LCSW in good standing
    • Be computer proficient
    • Have an NPI number (we can help obtain if you don’t already have this)

    Our LCSW’s Testimonials

    Working with Blue Moon Senior Counseling has been a great experience. I love going into the Assisted Living Facilities and working with the residents. I am able to help them cope with many different situations including adjusting to a new living situation, dealing with a medical crisis, managing depression and anxiety, and coping with the loss of a loved one. I enjoy working with the staff in the facilities as well as the family members and working collaboratively to help the residents make the most of their time at the facilities.

    Lisa H. Aurora, IL

    Working with Blue Moon Senior Counseling has been a wonderful experience. It feels great to know that I am fully supported in my efforts to help others. The services that we provide have made a difference in the lives of many seniors and their family members. I feel lucky to be part of such a professional and caring team.

    Jamie G. Hollywood, FL

    Being able to meet with clients where they live allows me to provide counseling that is consistent and flexible. Seniors in ALFs do not always have the means to travel to an off-site therapist therefore I feel I am providing a much needed service. Collaborating with other service providers at the facility also helps me know my clients better so that I can provide the most relevant and beneficial treatment.

    Lina L., Tampa, Fl