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10 Fun Things to Do With Your Grandchildren

Spending quality time with your grandchildren is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding parts of being a senior. Finding fun activities can sometimes be challenging, though. Your grandchildren might have a hard time coming up with ideas, especially if they’re young, but trying new things can be a great experience for everyone. It’s a chance to learn more about each other, and it’s an opportunity to add more variety and excitement to your routine.

As a Grandparent, Here Are 10 Fun Things to Do with Your Grandchildren


1. Read a favorite book.

Reading is a timeless activity that benefits people of all ages. Recommending one of your favorite books can be a way for your grandchildren to feel closer to you, too. Think about the books that you loved when you were the same age as your grandkids. If your grandchildren are young, you could read them your favorite book from childhood. If they’re older, you could gift them a copy of the book and talk about it with them when they finish it.

2. Cook or bake together.

If you like cooking or baking, these are practical and fun activities you can share with your grandchildren. Not only do you get to teach your grandkids a valuable skill, but you also get to enjoy a delicious meal together afterward.
Kids of all ages can be involved in the cooking or baking process. When they’re younger, they can help you mix or measure ingredients. As they get older, you can give them more complex tasks. By cooking a meal together, you and your grandchildren will make wonderful memories, and you’ll recall these memories whenever you make that meal again.

3. Look at old photos or home movies.

Sharing stories from your life is one of the best activities to do with grandchildren. Pull out some old photo albums or home movies to show your grandchildren some of your favorite memories. You can reminisce about other family members or show them how life has changed over the years.
Your grandkids will probably enjoy seeing their parents as children, too. They may laugh at the way their parents used to dress or style their hair, and you can share funny stories that they’ve never heard before.

4. Go to a tourist attraction in your area.

Getting out of the house can be great for both the grandparent and the grandchild. You could go to one of your favorite places in your area, or you could try some tourist activities in your city that you haven’t checked out before.
This can be especially meaningful if you take one of your grandchildren on a solo outing. When you have a lot of grandkids, one-on-one time with them is hard to come by. Going on a solo outing will be a special memory for your grandchild no matter your destination.

5. Try and arts and crafts project.

Even if you don’t consider yourself an artistic person, there are almost limitless options for arts and crafts activities. You could share your favorite creative hobby with your grandchildren, or you could ask them to choose an activity that they enjoy. Here are some ideas for artistic activities you could try:

  • Jewelry making
  • Painting
  • Scrapbooking
  • Clay sculpting
  • Knitting or crocheting


6. Play a board game or a card game.

Games are great activities for bonding with your grandchildren. Friendly competition can be good for kids, and as long as no one takes the games too seriously, everyone will have a good time. Many classic board games are still popular today, but your grandkids may know of some other fun games as well. Card games like Go Fish, Crazy Eights, and Hearts are easy and enjoyable options, too.
If you’d rather work together with your grandchildren instead of competing, you could complete a puzzle together. Jigsaw puzzles can be very relaxing, and you could seal and frame the puzzle to keep the memory.

7. Play trivia.

Trivia can be an entertaining activity if you have teenage grandchildren. You and your grandkids could look up trivia activities online, or you could each come up with trivia questions for each other. In addition to this being a fun game, it can also be a good conversation starter. You and your grandchildren may end up discussing movies, historical events, or other topics related to the trivia questions, which can help you learn new things about one another.

8. Have them teach you something.

You probably have a lot to teach your grandkids, but they may be able to teach you something, too. All generations grow up in different cultures and environments, and your grandchildren might be excited to show you a hobby, game, or trend they enjoy.
Children don’t often get to be the teachers, so this can be a meaningful way for them to express themselves. You’ll spend quality time together while you learn something new and break out of your usual routine. You may find a new hobby or interest through what they show you, too.

9. Listen to their music or watch their favorite movies.

Listening to your grandchildren’s favorite songs or watching their favorite television shows or movies can be a similar experience as asking your grandkids to teach you something. You get to see an important part of their life that they’re excited to share with you, which can help you grow closer. It can be interesting to see what trends kids are interested right now as well. Afterward, you could show your grandchildren your favorite music or movies, too.

10. Help them do something for their parents.

As a grandparent, you understand how tiring parenting can be. Helping your grandchildren do something kind for their parents is a wonderful way for the entire family to bond. The kids will get a sense of accomplishment from helping their parents, you’ll get to spend time with your grandkids, and the parents will be grateful for the gesture.
You and your grandchildren could work together to cook a nice meal for their parents, or you and the grandkids could clean up the house while their parents are out. If a holiday is approaching, you could help your grandkids make a card or a gift for their parents, too.
Spending time with your grandchildren can be incredibly meaningful, and you can make great memories by trying new activities. Some of the best activities for grandparents and grandchildren are ones that teach your grandchildren something or ones that make everyone laugh. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to do something different. You and your grandchildren may find a new favorite hobby, and if you don’t, you’ll still have spent quality time together.
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